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[TW🇹🇼]Mandark(I Mean Us) – ‘We Were So Young’ (EP)

[TW🇹🇼]Mandark(I Mean Us) – ‘We Were So Young’ (EP)

『Best of 2021. Taiwanese genius singer/producer ‘Mandark'(I Mean Us), who fascinates people with her transparent vocal and dreamy sound, released long-awaited solo EP ‘We Were So Young’. This is a romantic wonderful dream pop full of neo shoegaze. Must check this EP & her single ‘MiNORS'(which was not compiled on EP).』

T: Into Innerverse
F: Everydaze, The Dinosaur’s Skin
P: MANDARK, Everydaze, Chia Cheng Chang
L: Fruit Sold Music
R: 2021/08/09

[TW🇹🇼]Mandark (I Mean Us/Sweet John)
TW: @mandarkwhy
YT: MandarkRavel
TL: mandarkravel.tumblr.com
FB: mandarkliang

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