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[JP🇯🇵]GEZAN with Million Wish Collective – ‘Suiten'(en)

[JP🇯🇵]GEZAN with Million Wish Collective – ‘Suiten'(en)

Best of 2022. GEZAN, one of Japanese leading Rebel music bands, has released a new song “Suiten” (Referring to a place where various things and matters come together) as the unit “GEZAN with Million Wish Collective,” which they performed at Fuji Rock in 2009. In addition to the original 4members, genius ‘Midori'(Key/Tb) of The hatch, ‘OLAibi'(Dr/Per) of ex:OOIOO, ‘Uyama Amane'(Efx) of Kamisama Club, ‘JC'(Lead Cho) of んoon and many other fellows on the chorus. The song is a wonderful with MahiToThePeople’s his one and only voice and sincere words, which absorb the current days, running through the more powerful, profound and emotional sound. Must listen.

T: 萃点/suitent
A: GEZAN with Million Wish Collective
P: MahiToThePeople
F: MV/Single from there new album(2023.2.1 out on street)
L: Jusangatsu
R: 2022/10/05

[JP🇯🇵]GEZAN with Million Wish Collective
TW: @jusangatsu
IG: @jusangatsurecords

IG: @mahitothepeople___gezan
IG: @loscal.gezan
IG: @eagletaka
IG: @gezan_yakumoor
IG: @mid0saaaan
IG: @olaibiolaibi
IG: @jcjcjcjcjcjcyo

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