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[UK🇬🇧/PH🇵🇭]No Rome – ‘I Want U’ (en)

[UK🇬🇧/PH🇵🇭]No Rome – ‘I Want U’ (en)

『’No Rome’, who raised expectations for the next Phase in the previous work, has released a new song’I Want U’. A ephemeral love tune that sings the plesure & sadness of an overnight love with a beautiful vocal on a romantic and dirty track by the same Producers as the previous work. Must listen.』

C: UK, Philippines
T: I Want U
A: No Rome
P: No Rome, SACHI, George Daniel, BJ Burton
F: Single (from Album ‘It’s All Smiles’ out on 12/3)
L: Dirty Hit
R: 2021/11/11

[UK🇬🇧/PH🇵🇭]No Rome
TW: @no_rome
YT: no rome
GS: No-rome
HP: noromeworldwide.com

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