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[KR🇰🇷]nijuu – ‘nijuu in the forest’ (EP)

[KR🇰🇷]nijuu – ‘nijuu in the forest’ (EP)

『Korean Dream Pop artist ‘nijuu’ who gathering attention, released long-awaited 2nd EP ‘nijuu in the forest’. As nijuu said in an interview that the key theme of this EP is “growth”, (I felt) the lyrics taste are shifting from ‘You & Me’ to ‘I & You’, and her self-production ability is growth by facing the music she wants more after left from London. Please check out along with cute MVs.』

“The key theme on nijuu in the forest is about ‘growth’ and about the journey to find a new place where I could learn more and be more independent. nijuu in the sea was about a little girl who just got separated from home, learning to find the way out of the darkness. If nijuu in the sea was like a little bird who just broke out from the egg then nijuu in the forest is about the little bird trying to learn how to fly and move its wings. Like learning to have more maturity and awareness (mentally, physically) and to be a better person.”


T: nijuu in the forest
A: nijuu
P: nijuu, Helix Davis
F: Album
L: nijuu(The state51 Conspiracy)
R: 2021/09/14

IG: @nijuu_nijuu
TW: nijuu10
YT: joyuyuyu
SC: cinagronijuu
GS: Nijuu
FB: cinagronijuu

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