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[🇯🇵JP]Nariaki Obukuro – ‘Strides'(Album)

[🇯🇵JP]Nariaki Obukuro – ‘Strides'(Album)

『Best of 2021. Nariaki Obukuro released long-awaited 3rd album ‘Strides’. This is a strictry and experimental HipHop/Alternative RnB work that only he can do. Became more Global from previous International album that he made after moving to London. These are gems of life music that strong words spun from everyday realities flows on the smooth tracks with hard drum. featuring MUD (KANDYTOWN). Co-produce w/ Aru-2 & Hikaru Utada. Must check.』

T: Strides
A: 小袋成彬(Nariaki Obukuro)
P: 小袋成彬(Nariaki Obukuro)
F: Album
L: Sony Music
R: 2021/10/13

小袋成彬(Nariaki Obukuro)
IG: @nariaki0296
TW: @nariaki0296
YT: nariakiobukuroSMEJ
GS: Nariaki-obukuro
HP: www.sonymusic.co.jp/artist/nariakiobukuro

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