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[JP🇯🇵/CA🇨🇦]Loota + Gliiico – ‘Ephemeral’ (Album)

[JP🇯🇵/CA🇨🇦]Loota + Gliiico – ‘Ephemeral’ (Album)

『’Loota’ released a collaboration album ‘Ephemeral’ with the band ‘Gliiico’, who are 3 brothers from Canada & now based in Tokyo. It’s nice work that Loota’s Romantic lyrics and vocal on Gliiico’s mix of Futuristic, Nostalgic, and sometimes Darkness sound. Especially trk04: ‘Addicted’ is a must listen. Check it.』

C: Japan, Canada
T: Ephemeral
A: Loota & Gliiico
P: Loota, Gliiico
F: Album
L: Loota & Gliiico
R: 2021/09/28

IG: @supadupaloo
TW: @Loota
YT: Loota

IG: @gliiicogliiico
TW: @gliiicogliiico

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