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[US🇺🇸]Paris Texas – ‘BOY ANONYMOUS’ (Album)

[US🇺🇸]Paris Texas – ‘BOY ANONYMOUS’ (Album)

『Best of 2021. Kevin Abstract is crazy about it. LA-based rap duo ‘Paris Texas’, consisting of ‘Louie Pastel’ and ‘Felix’, released their debut album ‘BOY ANONYMOUS’. Their music, the who sampled the name from Wim Wenders’ film ‘Paris Texas’, is a hybrid sound that combines Trap/HIPHOP with Vintage Rock, New wave & etc. This’s works of undergroud HIPHOP collection filled with various dope sounds. Must check.』

A: Paris Texas
P: Paris Texas
F: Album
L: Paris Texas
R: 2021/05/14

Paris Texas
IG: @paristexas
TW: @paristexasusa
YT: ParisTexasUSA
SC: paris_texas
GS: Paris-texas

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