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[UK🇬🇧]Holly Humberstone – ‘Haunted House’

[UK🇬🇧]Holly Humberstone – ‘Haunted House’

『UK talented singer ‘Holly Humberstone’ released new song ‘Haunted House’. It’s an dramatic tune that she sings emotional to the ghosts who spent childhood together, on simple performance of piano. It’s overwhelming. Look forward to forthcomig EP ‘Emotional Grim Reaper’.』

T: Haunted House
A: Holly Humberstone
P: Rob Milton
F: Single(from forthcoming EP ‘Emotional Grim Reaper’)
L: Universal
R: 2021/04/06

Holly Humberstone
IG: @hollyhumberstone
TW: @HolHumberstone
YT: Holly Humberstone
FB: Holly Humberstone
GS: Holly-humberstone
HP: www.hollyhumberstone.com

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