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[JP🇯🇵]gerardparman – ‘Life Is So Good’ (Album)

[JP🇯🇵]gerardparman – ‘Life Is So Good’ (Album)

『Represent Southwest Japan ‘melo soda”s boss ‘gerardparman’ released new album ‘Life Is So Good’. It’s a collection of varietyful works, feat Japanese veterans & young guns rappers as Bege fastman jin, BES, SANTAWORLDVIEW, week dudus, Disry, BUPPON, Kojoe, NF Zessho, matched a wide range of dope beats by gerardparman. Please check it out.』

C: Japan
T: Life Is So Good
A: gerardparman
F: BES, SANTAWORLDVIEW, ベゲfastman人, week dudus, Disry, BUPPON, Kojoe, NF Zessho
P: gerardparman,
F: Album
L: melo soda
R: 2021/04/05

Gerardparman(Melo Soda)
TW: @Gerardparman92

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