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[UK🇬🇧]easy life – ‘a message to myself’ (Lyric)

[UK🇬🇧]easy life – ‘a message to myself’ (Lyric)

『UK great band ‘easy life’ released new song ‘a message to myself’. It’s a gentle message song that lyric like Teezo’s ‘strong friend’ sung by Murray’s warmy vocal matched with classic rock sound. Please listen to it yourself when you are tired or share it to your loved ones.』

T: a message to myself
A: easy life
P: Murray Matravers, The Donuts
F: Single
L: Universal Island
R: 2021/03/23

easy life – ‘a message to myself’ (Lyric)

There is nobody else who can do you like you can do
So just be, just be, just be

[Verse 1]
Take your mother’s advice
Never let her tell you twice
Give more than you get
Forgive but don’t forget
And go outside and earn your stripes

There is nobody else who can do you
So please just be…

[Verse 2]
I don’t wanna deal with nobody else
I don’t want another premature farewell
Please don’t smoke yourself to death
Don’t wait until nothing’s left
In the fridge, mate

[Verse 3]
Life is way too short
We can’t waste time
There’s no time like the present
Finally accomplished something
Finally learned my lesson
All you have to do is look within

Stay focused
Stay hopeful
Stay, Stay, Stay

And don’t stress ’cause I’m convinced that you’re alright, my friend
Check yourself, admit all of your flaws
And then just be yourself

Nobody can do you better
Stay true, stay blessed forever
Keep all your shit together
‘Cause there is nobody else who can do you
So please just be

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