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[US🇺🇸]orion sun – ‘hold space for me(live performance)’

[US🇺🇸]orion sun – ‘hold space for me(live performance)’

『One of the most rised in 2020 & one of the hottest in 2021, ‘orion sun’ released a studio live video with a band set of three songs from her masterpiece ‘hold space for me’. It’s a wonderful live performance that orion sun where ‘ vocal glitters in the smooth performance by Jazz band. Must check!』

T: hold space for me(live performance)
A: orion sun
F: Movie
L: orion sun
R: 2021/03/27

Orion Sun
IG: @cloudgem
YT: Orion Sun
SC: orionsun
BC: orionsun
GS: Orion-sun
TR: osbeats.tumblr.com
HP: www.orionsun.space

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