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[JP🇯🇵]Lil Soft Tennis – ‘Bedroom Rockstar Confused’ (Album)

[JP🇯🇵]Lil Soft Tennis – ‘Bedroom Rockstar Confused’ (Album)

『’Lil Soft Tennis’ (of Osaka next upcoming collective ‘HEAVEN’) released self produced new album ‘Bedroom Rockstar Confused’. Emotional Good works that deliver positive blue lyrics with many flow matched on Tracks of Melodic & noisy fresh Punk Pop sound. 9 songs includes Dark tune ‘yodo’ feat. his ally ‘RY0N4’, Reggae tune ’21 -hit me now-‘, Pop tune’Oracle’ featuring’Le Makeup’, etc. Must check!』

01. Bedroom Rockstar Confused
02. Bring Back
04. yodo feat. RY0N4
05. Medicine
06. 21 -hit me now-
07. Tell Me
08. Oracle feat. Le Makeup
09. Lucid Dreames

C: Japan
T: Bedroom Rockstar Confused
A: Lil Soft Tennis
F: RY0N4, Le Makeup
P: Lil Soft Tennis
F: Album
L: Lil Soft Tennis
R: 2021/03/31

Lil Soft Tennis
IG: @lil_soft_tennis
TW: @lilsofttennis
SC: lilsofttennis

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