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[JP🇯🇵]Bege fastman jin – ‘Kita-kyu gili some boy’

[JP🇯🇵]Bege fastman jin – ‘Kita-kyu gili some boy’

『Kita-Kyushu(West-South side of Japan) Area Dope Boys ‘Bege fastman jin’ released new song ‘Kita-kyu gili some boy’. It’s Dope shit that Maiji’s OG flow, Louis’s freaky flow & BIG-EVIS’s dope hook on darc track. Must check!』

C: Japan
T: 北九 gili some boy
A: ベゲfastman人(BIG-EVIS, Maiji, Louis Cañeda)
P: Beast Inside Beats
L: Melo Soda
R: 2021/03/10

IG: @begefastmanjin
TW: @begefastmanjin

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日本語: #bege-fastman-jin
Eng: #bege-fastman-jin-en

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