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[US🇺🇸]Teezo Touchdown feat. Fred Flippstone – ‘SUCKA!’

[US🇺🇸]Teezo Touchdown feat. Fred Flippstone – ‘SUCKA!’

『Introducing ‘Teezo Touchdown’ who the hottest in 2021 and embodies next HIPHOP, his 4th single ‘SUCKA!’. Find out why he gets attention and why HARVEST are drawn to Teezo. Check this.』

[Chorus: Teezo Touchdown]
Why you hatin' like a jive, sucka?
Shoulda went and got a job, sucka
She'll spend the night if I let her
She'll bust it open like a letter
I'm a real bad man, sucka
Better watch me like a van, sucka
Let me catch your ass again, sucka
I'ma show you what I'm saying, sucka

Don't be a suckaaaaa
Don't be a bustaaaaa
Don't be a suckaaaaa
Don't be, don't be, don't be
Don't be a suckaaaaa

[Verse 1: Teezo Touchdown]
Why you checking on my vibe, sucka?
I'm connected like the mob, sucka
Get your ass minimized, sucka
I'm the baddest man alive, sucka
So you better play it smooth, sucka
'Cause I's watch ya every move, sucka
I'z put ya on the news, sucka
Betta watch yo attitude, sucka
I refuse to lose, sucka
I'll be howling at the moon, sucka

 (Electric guitar howl)

[Chorus: Teezo Touchdown]


[Verse 2: Fred Flipptone]
Sucker you ain't about the business
Hell yeah, you a sucka
Hell yeah, you a busta
Playa me and Teez' all you stupid mothafucka
Sucker what you really did
Sucker why you smokin' mid?
Sucka why you smokin' mid?
You gon tell or you do the bid?
Is you cappin or is that a wig?
Do you take care of your fam?
Take care of yo kids?
Like a nasty like a fig
Sucka pillow talkin' like a bitch

[Chorus: Teezo Touchdown]


A: Teezo Touchdown
F: Fred Flippstone
P: Teezo Touchdown
F: Single
L: (Not specified)
R: 2020/07/29

Teezo Touchdown
TW: @teezotouchdown
YT: Teezo Touchdown
SC: teezotouchdown
GS: Teezo-touchdown
HP: www.teezotouchdownmusic.com

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