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[US🇺🇸]Teezo Touchdown – ‘Careful’

[US🇺🇸]Teezo Touchdown – ‘Careful’

『Introducing ‘Teezo Touchdown’ who the hottest in 2021 and embodies next HIPHOP, his 3rd single ‘Careful’. Find out why he gets attention and why HARVEST are drawn to Teezo. Check this.』

Careful baby, care, care
x 8

Boy, you better be careful
These hoes, These hoes, These hoes, Can be an earful
x 2

[Verse 1]
You bet not break my heart
I said I was never gon' love again
Baby, don’t call me my government
Do you want something from the convenience
I got a lover disguised as a friend
The problem is your trust the size of a mint
My problem is my heart the size of a man

Baby I see you got used to them lames
Backstreet she got used to them lanes
Backstage she got used to the fame
Backstabbed, got used to the pain

[Verse 2]
You bet not break my heart
I told you all of my insecurities
I told you I can be your security
I told you that middle part would be pretty
Baby don't judge me
I got you jewelry

T: Careful
A: Teezo Touchdown
P: Teezo Touchdown
F: Single
L: (Not specified)
R: 2020/07/15

Teezo Touchdown
TW: @teezotouchdown
YT: Teezo Touchdown
SC: teezotouchdown
GS: Teezo-touchdown
HP: www.teezotouchdownmusic.com

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