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[JP🇯🇵]Colte –  ‘LEVEL♯18′(ENG trans)

[JP🇯🇵]Colte – ‘LEVEL♯18′(ENG trans)

『North-kyushu/Japan Young Gun ‘Colte’ has released new song ‘LEVEL#18’ from his forth-coming new EP. This’s Hardcore Bangin shit that Colte’s inexhaustible grimy Rap on Mad Gerardparman’s ferocious sound, boxed by Mad BASIL’s sharp vision. Must check.』

C: Japan
A: Colte
P: Gerardparman
F: MV/Single (from up coming EP)
L: Melo Soda
R: 2021/02/20


As far as I can see, it’s broken all over Japan
 [見る限り 壊れてる日本全土]
Colte, I’m awesome than you level
 [Colte お前らとは違うぜlevel]
You guys play many times and soon be slow
You guys play over and over again and soon be slow

Set up trap
Set in trap
Roll up thick, blunts
We drug in the house, be like ghost town
 [みなでdrugいっては家の中もghost town]

Put it in pants
Feeling like punk
 [Feeling like punk]
What’s wrong with you guys?
Seriously, I’ll leave y’all, and I am now can’t stop
 [まじで置いて行くぜ今の俺はdon’t stop]

[Verse 1]
Right hand grab Orion beer
Here’s the 093 small building
Smoke in the gap, nailed it
 [の狭間で吸う ばっちり]
peace, suspect, Live in the gap of them
We’re seriously buggin’. 
 [俺たち マジバグってる]
Fuck da bitch Madonna’s tell
 [Fuck da bitchのMadonnaのtell]
Blast away You got seatbelt on?
 [ぶっ飛ばすぜ 付けたかseatbelt]
Wear that Lethal weapon

Not only girls, they always bitch
 [どいつもこいつも女に限らず bixxh]
Guys almost are same, It’s a shame
I don’t wanna lose your trust
But it would nice that money take me somewhere
Delusion swells, but I don’t carry over
Take action, suspect, and so don’t ever call me now.


[Verse 2]
Appers are hit by news
Brain cell scramble
Sellout, You can’t come with me
 [Sellout じゃ来れないとこ]
I’ll just come and chill out
 [来てひたすらしてやるchill out]
It doesn’t matter if undercover there
I’ll blow it away and rize the honor
I got out of the maze
I’m just knead and put out my best
 [ただただ練り出すmy best]

for a few minutes
I kick new groove rap
 [するnew groove rap]
Open google map
 [開くgoogle map]
I’m heading into town
and then sniff & puff
 [して sniff & puff
Singing on stage after all
 [ステージで歌う 結局]
Every day good life
 [Every day good life]



Colte(Maerd54/Melo Soda)
IG: @mr.colteman
TW: @Maerd54_BANDII

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Gerardparman(Melo Soda)
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