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[KR🇰🇷]Balming Tiger – ‘LOOP?'(ENG trans)

[KR🇰🇷]Balming Tiger – ‘LOOP?'(ENG trans)

『Korean Alternative K-Pop band ‘Balming Tiger’ released new song ‘LOOP?’. This is a nice tune that three different lyricisms and flows matched on track that transitions from a dirty and powerful to a floating feeling, that create a mysterious pop feeling. Especially Omega Sapien is so dope. Must check!』

[Omega Sapien]
F1 Hit the race car
Climb another summit
Fuck another block
I jumped back
And I rupted
Volcano shots we
Lit deep in the function
Moncler from head to toe
We on dumb fits
I roll that picture
Finger lickin’ spice
Reefer got me feelin’ nice
When I’m cookin’ up
The rhythm I be forgettin’ my vice
 [비추 guessed it on the price]
But you better think it twice
Cuz my tag goes
Zero zero zero zero

[Mudd the student]
I opened my heart
 [나는 맘을 열었지]
No worries still
 [아무 걱정이 없어 여전히]
Ain’t no workaholic
Time slowed down
 [시간은 느려졌지]
Getting up
 [올라가 점점]
Never mind the others]

(Post-chorus ) x2
What you gon’ do
If you tumble down
I don’t think about
The boring sheet
Hella hella hella green
Hella hella hella green yeah

sogumm (소금)
In the moon In the sky
I can see your face
When you look in my eyes
Everything feels fine
When you look in my eyes

Do you want you
To meet me in the sky
I don’t know I don’t know
It could be alright
I can see your eyes

C: Korea
A: Balming Tiger
P: No Identity, Wnjn, Unsinkable
F: Single (from EP)
L: Balming Tiger
R: 2021/02/18

Balming Tiger
IG: @balmingtiger
TW: @balmingtiger
SC: balmingtiger
BC: balmingtiger.bandcamp.com
YT: BalmingTiger
GS: Balming-tiger
FB: balmingtiger
HP: balmingtiger.com

Omega Sapien
IG: @omegasapien
TW: @yellowimmigrant
SC: @omegasapien
GS: Omega-sapien

IG: @sogumm
YT: soheekwon
HP(BT): balmingtiger.com
HP(AOMG): www.aomgofficial.com/sogumm

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