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[US🇺🇸]Ovrkast. – ‘Try Again’ (Album/Deluxe ver)

[US🇺🇸]Ovrkast. – ‘Try Again’ (Album/Deluxe ver)

『Oakland Rapper/Producer ‘Ovrkast.’ released a Deluxe edition of his Debut Album ‘Try Again’ released in 2020/01. It’s Good works that simple but quirky track with a Jazzy tone matched his muttering flow. The featuring artists, some of them were feature in the Earl Sweatshirt’s work that Ovrkast. fetured as producer. Check it.』

T: Try Again
A: Ovrkast.
F: Chris Keys, Demahjiae, Mavi, Navy Blue, Pink Siifu
P: Demahjiae, Ovrkast.
F: Album(Deluxe)
L: do more
R: 2021/01/16(OG ver 2020/01/17)

IG: @ovrkast
TW: @ovrkast
YT: Ovrkast
SC: ovrkast

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