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[US🇺🇸]guccihighwaters – ‘joke’s on you’ (Album)

[US🇺🇸]guccihighwaters – ‘joke’s on you’ (Album)

『US Emo Rapper ‘guccihighwaters’ released his 2nd Album ‘joke’s on you’ from Epitaph. It’s a collection of youthful, aesthetic Emo songs that match the delicate vocal of guccihighwaters to high-quality beautiful tracks. The lyrics are sweet, but sounds are pretty good. Recommend it.』

T: joke’s on you
A: guccihighwaters
F: convolk, Ellise, Laeland, nothing,nowhere., Powfu, Sarcastic Sounds, Softheart
P: Andrew Goldstein, blackbear, Courtney Ballard, David Pramik, guccihighwaters, Jared Poythress, Jay Vee, notmorgn, Sarcastic Sounds, Yeezo Beats
F: Album
L: Epitaph
R: 2021/01/22

IG: @guccihighwaters
TW: @guccihighwaters
SC: guccihighwaters
YT: guccihighwaters
GS: Guccihighwaters
HP: www.guccihighwaters.com

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