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[US🇺🇸/NG🇳🇬]Serena Isioma – ‘Sensitive’ (EP)

[US🇺🇸/NG🇳🇬]Serena Isioma – ‘Sensitive’ (EP)

『Best of 2020. Nigerian American singer ‘Serena Isioma’ who besides Chicago talented HIPHOP collective ‘HL(highlife)’ dropped Debut EP ‘Sensitive’. It’s wonderful works that’s Serena’s fresh and expressive flow matched on Indie pop flavored Aternative RnB tracks. She are participating in the Orion Sun tour, and they can see many things in common in terms of sound. If you are a fan of Orion Sun, you should definitely check it.』

T: Sensitive
A: Serena Isioma
F: HateSonny
P: 8milOTB, C Medina, Frankie Scoca, Gus Chvany
L: Fashionably Early LLC
R: 2020/03/18

Serena Isioma(HL)
IG: @serenaisioma
TW: @serenaisioma
YT: Serena Isioma
SC: serenaisioma
GS: Serena-isioma
HP: serenaisioma.com

IG: @thatsonhighlife
TW: @onhighlife
SC: 8chel

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