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[PH🇵🇭]LONER – ‘If Only’ (Lyric)

『Best of 2020. Filipino singer/producer ‘LONER’, who HARVEST is watching most right now, released new track ‘If Only’ (※Add comment from LONER). It’s a great street dance tune that he express frustration to the government with cool flow over a cold and rough dance track. He’s remarkable Artist, as he did like his previous work ‘Pagbabago’, he brings the texture and attitude of Asian streets to the vocal house. This texture, this melody, this balance, this is the most stylish and coolest thing. So check it out.』

HARVEST: Why you wrote this tune?

LONER: In the Philippines the government is very corrupt and all they care about is getting more rich instead of the people. That’s why i wrote that.

[Verse 1]
Growing up backwards
In this archipelago
It’s run by the same minds that
Don’t wanna see us grow

If only I knew
How the greedy ones control
Its been like the that since the past
All Abusers in patrol

If only I
If only I knew
If only you knew
 [Kung sana alam mo lang]

[Verse 2]
If only I knew
How money runs the world
Risking progress for the paper
When will we ever learn ?

If only I knew
How dark the world was
Wouldn’t want it for you
Not for any of us

C: Philippines
T: If Only
F: Single
L: Lean Ordinario
R: 2020/12/04

IG: @leanordinario
YT: Lean Ordinario
FB: lonerrecordings

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