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[PH🇵🇭]Skusta Clee ft. Yuri Dope – ‘Dance With You’

[PH🇵🇭]Skusta Clee ft. Yuri Dope – ‘Dance With You’

『Filipino Rapper/Singer ‘Skusta Clee’ dropped new song ‘Dance With You’ feat. ‘Yuri Dope’. It’s moody nice tune that Skusta Clee’s smooth vocals and Yuri Dope’s rhythmic flow matched house track. So Cool.』

C: Philippines
T: Over The Sun
A: Skusta Clee
F: Yuri Dope
P: Flip-D
F: Single
L: Panty Droppaz League
R: 2020/11/19

Skusta Clee
TW: @skustacleezy16

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