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[US🇺🇸]nothing,nowhere. feat. KennyHoopla – ‘blood’(one take/acoustic)

[US🇺🇸]nothing,nowhere. feat. KennyHoopla – ‘blood’(one take/acoustic)

『’nothing,nowhere.’ drop one take movie of ‘blood’ feat. ‘KennyHoopla’. It’s Awesome tune that 2 sings gently with Acoustic guiter solo.

It’s one take, they would performance without meeting. Also pay attention to the change of KennyHoopla’s face (probably until he decides his own flow) after nothing,nowhere. started singing.』

T: blood
A: nothing,nowhere.
F: KennyHoopla
P: nothing,nowhere.
F: Movie
L: nothing,nowhere.
R: 2020/11/13


IG: @nothingnowhere
TW: @nothingnowhere
YT: nothingnowheremusic
GS: Nothingnowhere
HP: www.nothingnowhere.net

IG: @kennyhoopla
TW: @KennyHoopla
YT: KennyHoopla
GS: Kennyhoopla

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