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[UK🇬🇧/KR🇰🇷]nijuu – ‘nijuu in the sea’ (Album)

[UK🇬🇧/KR🇰🇷]nijuu – ‘nijuu in the sea’ (Album)

『Best of 2020. Introducing UK based Korean singer ‘nijuu’ ‘s Debut Album ‘nijuu in the sea'(06/2020). It’s So Awesome album that nijuu’s angelic vocal match fresh & airly tracks. So great work as it will pick on Best 10 album of 2020 in US, Please Please check it.』

C: UK, Korea
T: nijuu in the sea
A: nijuu
P: Yujin Jo, Joe Taylor,
F: Single
L: The state51 Conspiracy
R: 2020/06/25

IG: @nijuu_nijuu
TW: nijuu10
YT: joyuyuyu
SC: cinagronijuu
GS: Nijuu
FB: cinagronijuu

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