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[PH🇵🇭]LONER – ‘No Fidelity’ (Album)

[PH🇵🇭]LONER – ‘No Fidelity’ (Album)

『Must check. Introducing Manila/Philippino Artist ‘LONER’ ‘s Debut Album ‘No Fidelity'(2018). It’s wonderful romantic Contemporary R&B works that LONER’s exiotic vocal matched Sound with organic tones that develop widely from Sweet to Rock. After Frank Ocean/OFWGKTA age(Kevin Abstract/bearface/Roy Blair etc) + Psychederic Rock feeling. Must listen all. Hidden Classic.』/

C: Philippine
T: No Fidelity
F: Album
L: 950628 Records
R: 2018/10/30

IG: @leanordinario
YT: Lean Ordinario
FB: lonerrecordings

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