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[JP🇯🇵]Eiko Ishioka – ‘Blood, Sweat, and Tears – A Life of Design’  (Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo)

[JP🇯🇵]Eiko Ishioka – ‘Blood, Sweat, and Tears – A Life of Design’ (Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo)

『A retrospective exhibition of Japan’s leading Graphic Designer/Art Director ‘Eiko Ishioka’ will be held on 2020/11/14(Sat) – 2021/02/14(Sun). She is world class artist, as in charge of advertisements for PARCO and Kadokawa Publishing in the 70’s, and she was moved to NY in the 80’s and in charge of Miles Davis’s ‘TUTU’ Artwork and became the first Japanese to win a Grammy Award. It looks like an exhibition with a lot of energy. If you in Tokyo, check it .』

「The Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo (MOT) is pleased to present the world’s first large-scale retrospective exhibition dedicated to Eiko Ishioka (1938-2012), an internationally renowned art director and designer who ignited with her work a new era in various fields including advertising, theater, cinema, and graphic design. The exhibition takes a comprehensive look at Ishioka’s distinctive, incandescent creations, from her groundbreaking ad campaigns from early in her career, to her design work for films, opera, theater, circuses, music videos, and projects for the Olympic Games.」(from Official HP)

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