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[US🇺🇸/CA🇨🇦/CO🇨🇴]Avenue Beat ft. Jessie Reyez – ‘F2020(Remix)’

[US🇺🇸/CA🇨🇦/CO🇨🇴]Avenue Beat ft. Jessie Reyez – ‘F2020(Remix)’

『The US girl group ‘Avenue Beat’, who got spotlight by there song ‘F2020’ which sang dissatisfaction with 2020 on mellow track as anthem of the 2020. They drop ‘F2020(Remix)’ feat Colombian Canadian Singer’Jessie Reyez’. It’s not fresh for those who know Original ver because it’s just added Jessie’s verse to Original, but it’s a good song, so if you haven’t listened to it, check it!』

C: US, Canada, Colombia
T: F2020(Remix)
A: Avenue Beat
F: Jessie Reyez
P: Savana Santos
F: Single
L: Tape Room Records
R: 2020/11/13

Avenue Beat
IG: @avenuebeat
TW: @theavenuebeat
YT: Avenue Beat
FB: avenuebeat

Jessie Reyez
IG: @jessiereyez
TW: @Jessiereyez
YT: JessieReyez
HP: www.jessiereyez.com

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