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[PH🇵🇭]Aries and LONER – ‘Manila Dance’ (EP)

[PH🇵🇭]Aries and LONER – ‘Manila Dance’ (EP)

『One of the Best of 2020. Introducing Philippino Producers ‘Aries’ & ‘LONER’ ‘s EP ‘Manila Dance'(2020/03). It’s dance music works as House and Juke etc, compiles each songs rather than a collaboration centered. Both have a romantic and tight style, and the quality is high, so you can enjoy it as one work. Don’t miss the LONER’s new zone vocal songs, Deep House tune ‘Cat Walk’ and Electro HIP House tune ‘Slow Down. You can feel his progress, it’s like influenced by Drum & Midi programmer experience for No Rome & DirtyHit tour support. Great.。』/

C: Philippine
T: Manila Dance
A: Aries & LONER
P: Aries, LONER
L: Manila Dance Music Association
R: 2020/03/02

IG: @aariesmusic
SC: aaries
BC: aaries
FB: aariesmusic

IG: @leanordinario
YT: Lean Ordinario
FB: lonerrecordings

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