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[SG🇸🇬/IN🇮🇳]Yung Raja – ‘The Dance Song’

[SG🇸🇬/IN🇮🇳]Yung Raja – ‘The Dance Song’

『Def Jam Singapore’s Indian Rapper ‘YUNG RAJA’ released new song ‘The Dance Song’. Mad Pop tune that RAJA’s Skillful Flow matched Dope and Pop Track by his fellow FlightSch.』/

🌟: ★★★☆☆/
▶️: MV, Streaming/
👅: Mad Pop

C: Singapore, India
T: The Dance Song’
A: Yung Raja
P: FlightSch
F: Single
L: Def Jam Singapore
R: 2020/10/09

Yung Raja
IG: @yungraja
YT: YungRajaOfficial
GS: Yung-raja

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