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[KR🇰🇷]Omega Sapien – ‘Happycore'(Dir:Pennacky)

[KR🇰🇷]Omega Sapien – ‘Happycore'(Dir:Pennacky)

『2020 BEST MV. ‘Omega Sapien'(Balming Tiger) released MV of ‘Happycore’ (Dir: ‘Pennacky’ ) from 1st Album ‘Garlic’. The Tune is so hard & awesome. The MV is so centripetal forced Movie of Pennacky worldful as make the Tune as BGM. So Awesome. Must Check.』

🌟: ★★★★★/
▶️: MV, Streaming/
👅: Waird

C: Korea
T: Happycore
A: Omega Sapien
D: Pennacky
P: Kwangjae Jeon, San Yawn, Omega Sapien
F: MV (from Album ‘Garic’)
L: Balling Tiger
R: 2020/09/22

Omega Sapien
IG: @omegasapien
TW: @yellowimmigrant
SC: @omegasapien
GS: Omega-sapien

Balming Tiger
IG: @balmingtiger
TW: @balmingtiger
SC: balmingtiger
BC: balmingtiger.bandcamp.com
YT: BalmingTiger
GS: Balming-tiger
FB: balmingtiger
HP: balmingtiger.com

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