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[US🇺🇸]Terrace Martin’s Racism on Trial

[US🇺🇸]Terrace Martin’s Racism on Trial

『US Jazz man ‘Terrace Martin’ has release the video of Streaming Live performed by he with his band & fellows ‘Denzel Curry’,’Kamasi Washington’,’Robert Glasper’ and others. You can enjoy Energyful & Thrilling Performance. It’s Great.』/

🌟: ★★★★☆/
▶️: Studio Live/
👅: Sound of Blackness

T: Racism on Trial
A: Terrace Martin
F: Denzel Curry, Kamasi Washington, Alex Isley, Robert Glasper, Daylyt, G Perico
P: Terrace Martin, Elmo Lovano
F: Studio Live(live at Black Power Live)
L: Jammcard and FORM
R: 2020/08/07

Terrace Martin
IG: @terracemartin
TW: @terracemartin
HP: https://soundsofcrenshaw.com/

Denzel Curry
IG: @denzelcurryph
TW: @denzelcurry

Kamasi Washington
IG: @kamasiwashington/
TW: @KamasiW
HP: https://www.kamasiwashington.com/

Robert Glasper

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