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[TH🇹🇭]Numcha – ‘Kryptonite’

[TH🇹🇭]Numcha – ‘Kryptonite’

『Thai popular Singer ‘Numcha’ has released a new song ‘Kryptonite’. Dramatic Mellow tune with Numcha’s supple voice on more sophisticated track. The MV like short Movie by ‘Kero’, who works on MV from 1st MV, is also wonderful.』/

🌟: ★★★★☆/
▶️: MV/
👅: Bitter Sweet Love Song

C: Thai
T: Kryptonite
A: Numcha
P: Numcha & friends
F: Single
L: Numcha
R: 2020/07/31

IG: @hewantscoffeebutiamtea
YT: Numcha
GS: Numcha
FB: NumchaNuttacha

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Eng: #numcha-en

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