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[US🇺🇸]contradash – ‘petal pickin”

[US🇺🇸]contradash – ‘petal pickin”

『US attentioned Alternetive HIHOP Singer ‘contradash’ has released a new song ‘petal pickin”. It’s a Nice tune with Russ Chell and Sage Roberge, who made with each of the previous 3 titles, with a track with a floating feel and contradash’s Lazy Flow.』/

🌟: ★★★☆☆/
▶️: Streaming, MV/
👅: New Breed

T: petal pickin’
A: contradash
P: Russ Chell, contradash, Sage Roberge
F: Single
L: neverstodash llc
R: 2020/08/20

IG: @contradash
TW: @contradash
FB: @contradash
HP: https://contradash.com/

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