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[JP🇯🇵]avissiniyon(uami + Ohzora Kimishima) – ‘avissiniyon'(EP)

[JP🇯🇵]avissiniyon(uami + Ohzora Kimishima) – ‘avissiniyon'(EP)

『Japanese 2 gods ‘uami’ and ‘Ohzora Kimishima’ teamed up for New project fictitious town ‘avissiniyon’ released Debut EP ‘avissiniyon’. Includes a wide variety of 6 songs including the legendary thier Duet Song ‘Howling’.
Perhaps I think that Ohzora Kimishima produce the first 3 songs and uami produce the second half. The song ‘感情論(emotional theory)’ is Fresh Pop tune that does not seem to be typical Ohzora Kimishima’s song, ‘煙に水をかけましょう(Let’s pour water on the smoke)’ is like mixture of soundscape and the aesthetics lyrics of ‘Ohzora Kimishima’ + Kimishima’s alter ego ‘Yozora Kimishima’, and other three songs that fascinated by uami’s talent are also great (especially ‘Organ’ is Very Awesome). Must listen.』/

🌟: ★★★★☆/
▶️: bandcamp, Streaming/
👅: Fresh

T: avissiniyon
A: avissiniyon(uami + 君島大空)
P: avissiniyon(uami + 君島大空)
F: EP(6songs)
L: avissiniyon
R: 2020/08/19

avissiniyon(uami + 君島大空)
IG: @avissiniyon2020

IG: @jiu__wper/
TW: @maskdorenisuru
SC(uami): uami-645464179
SC(解体ザダン壊): qpqxhmgm8yhs

君島大空(Ohzora Kimishima)
TW: @ohzr_kshm
SC: ohzorakimishima
HP: ohzorafeedback.wixsite.com/hainosokomade

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