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[JP🇯🇵]uami x botsu – ‘踊る火炎(odoru-kaen)'(EP)

[JP🇯🇵]uami x botsu – ‘踊る火炎(odoru-kaen)'(EP)

『Problem happen. Japanese Artist, Mystical genius ‘uami’ and Artical genius ‘botsu'(Dos Monos) released a collaboration EP ‘踊る火炎(odoru-kaen/※Dancing Flame)'(EP). Everything is great. Comtenporary art funk jazz oriental hiphop mixed Art. Especially ‘yi en – hana uranai’ is so Great like as it make you goose bumps. A miracle collaboration work of Mystical G and Artical G. Take a listen. Please.』/

🌟: ★★★★★/
▶️: bandcamp/
👅: Genius, Crazy, Avant-garde

C: Japan
T: 踊る火炎 (ep) (odoru-kaen/※Dancing Flame)
A: uami x botsu
P: uami, botsu
F: ep(9song)
R: 2020/07/03

IG: @jiu__wper/
TW: @maskdorenisuru
SC(uami): uami-645464179
SC(解体ザダン壊): qpqxhmgm8yhs

botsu(Dos Monos)
IG: @botsu_ngs
TW: @botsu_ngs
YT: bad hair on stage

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