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[UK🇬🇧]Holly Humberstone – ‘Falling Asleep at the Wheel’

[UK🇬🇧]Holly Humberstone – ‘Falling Asleep at the Wheel’

『Introducing UK Singer ‘Holly Humberstone”s 2nd Single
‘Falling Asleep at the Wheel’ from her 2nd single EP.
The song is full of energy with the track with a dance element that includes a heavy but vibrant tone and a more expressive strong vocals.』/

🌟: ★★★★☆/
▶️: MV, Streaming/
👅: Dynamic

C: Germany
T: Falling Asleep at the Wheel
A: Holly Humberstone
P: Rob Milton
F: Single(from EP ‘Falling Asleep at the Wheel’/2songs)
L: Platoon
R: 2020/03/19

Holly Humberstone
IG: @hollyhumberstone
TW: @HolHumberstone
YT: Holly Humberstone
FB: Holly Humberstone
GS: Holly-humberstone
HP: www.hollyhumberstone.com

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