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[TH🇹🇭/JP🇯🇵]GJ a.k.a G. Jee – ‘THONG’ (Prod. YOUNG-G)

[TH🇹🇭/JP🇯🇵]GJ a.k.a G. Jee – ‘THONG’ (Prod. YOUNG-G)

『Continues, monstrous work Juu & G. Jee ‘NEW LUK THUNG’, G. Jee and YOUNG-G make new collaboration song ‘THONG’ has been released. It’s Nice Oriental Tune, a Mysterious Track by YOUNG-G matches G. Jee’s Nice Oriental Tune with a nice flow.』/

🌟: ★★★★☆/
▶️: YouTube/
👅: Oriental

C: Thai, Japan
T: THONG(ตรอง)
A: G. Jee
P: YOUNG-G(stillicimiya, OMK)
F: single
L: 4ERastafari
R: 2020/07/01

G. Jee
IG: @jeejee420

IG: @still_young_g

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