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[KR🇰🇷]YUZION and Futuristic Swaver – ‘Melodic Trapstars'(EP)

[KR🇰🇷]YUZION and Futuristic Swaver – ‘Melodic Trapstars'(EP)

『Released the collaboration EP “Melodic Trapstars” of “YUZION” and “Futuristic Swaver”. As the title suggests, it’s a melodious work that resonates with two talents.』/

🌟: ★★★☆☆/
▶️: Streaming/
👅: Alternative Pop

C: Korea
T: Melodic Trapstars
A: YUZION, Futuristic Swaver
P: PrettyBoyRons, Dayrick, Charlie Shuffler, Nick Mira, Rio Lava, Vino
F: EP(5songs)
R: 2020/04/17

IG: @yuz1on
SC: yuzion

Futuristic Swaver
IG: @yfgod
TW: @mrswaver95
SC: mrswava

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