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[JP🇯🇵]Yakushimaru Etsuko – ‘Unknown World Map'(360° MV for SP)[en]

[JP🇯🇵]Yakushimaru Etsuko – ‘Unknown World Map'(360° MV for SP)[en]

『Japanese Pop singer ‘Yakushimaru Etsuko’ has released 360° MV (for SP) of her latest single ‘Unknown World Map’. The one and only Hyper Pop that has had a great influence on Japan’s Pop Music world. You can enjoy it on your PC, but please enjoy immersing yourself in the world of sound and VR Video with 360° MV on your smartphone.』/

🌟: ★★★★☆/
▶️: MV, Streaming/
👅: Hyper Pop

C: Japan
T: アンノウン・ワールドマップ(Unknown World Map)
A: やくしまるえつこ(Yakushimaru Etsuko)
P: やくしまるえつこ(Yakushimaru Etsuko)
F: MV (from Single EP ‘アンノウン・ワールドマップ(Unknown World Map)’)
L: みらいレコーズ(MIRAI records)
R: 2020/06/19(MV), 2019/10/26(Streaming)

みらいレコーズ(MIRAI records)(相対性理論 / やくしまるえつこ)
IG: @mirairecords
TW: @mirairecords
HP: https://mirairecords.com/

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