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[ID🇮🇩]Rainych – ‘Renai Circulation'(Kana Hanazawa cover)[en]

[ID🇮🇩]Rainych – ‘Renai Circulation'(Kana Hanazawa cover)[en]

『Indonesian Singer ‘Rainych’ has Released a new song. This is more than the original song, with the cover of the original song + Her original Rap verse added. She needs release the Original song as soon as possible.』/

🌟: ★★★☆☆/
▶️: YouTube/
👅: Anime

C: Japan
T: Renai Circulation(Kana Hanazawa cover)
A: Rainych
P: Rainych, vanfan.co™
F: Single
L: Rainych
R: 2020/06/16

TW: @RainychRan
IG: @rainych_ran
YT: Rainych
SC: Rainych
FB: RainychR
NN: Rainych Ran
PR: rainych
KF: rainych

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