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[PH🇵🇭]VVS Collective – ‘Alon'[en]

『’VVS Collective’, That include ‘King Promdi’, Has Released a New Song from Def Jam Philippine. The new Song is So Emotional as King Promdi’s work, also the one of Best.』/

C: Philippine
N: VVS Collective
T: Alon
P: Enrico Ilaced, Neil Gregorin, Aldrin Paulo G. Perez
F: Single
L: Def Jam Philippine
R: 2020/05/29

VVS Collective
TW: @vvs_collective
IG: @vvscollective
YT: VVS Collective
GS: Vvs-collective

King Promdi
IG: @kingpromdi

IG: @gvbrvng

Tommy the Sauce
IG: @tommythesauce
TW: @TommytheSauce

Max Dylan
IG: @maxdylanvstheworld

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