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[JP🇯🇵]七尾旅人(Tavito Nanao) – ‘Three Leaves'[en]

[JP🇯🇵]七尾旅人(Tavito Nanao) – ‘Three Leaves'[en]

『A Very Kindly Song born from Communication w/ a Mother & a Child. Must read his ‘note’.』/
●: ★★★★☆/
▶️: soundcloud/
👅: Love

N: Tavito Nanao
T: Three Leaves
P: Tavito Nanao
F: soundcloud
L: Tavito Nanao
R: 2020/06/25

NANAO TAVITO · Three Leaves♣

『New song “Three Leaves ♣”. A 14 y.o girl have been in a Hospital Room by Racism & Online Bullying, This is what she taught me. Hope of a three-leaf clover./ Tavito Nanao』
(新曲「Three Leaves♣」人種差別とネットいじめで病室にいる14歳の少女が教えてくれたこと。三つ葉のクローバーが持つ希望。/ 七尾旅人)

七尾旅人(Tavito Nanao)
TW: @tavito_net
IG: @tavito_nanao
YT: 七尾旅人
SC: nanao-tavito
HP: http://www.tavito.net/

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