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[PH🇵🇭]Space Moses – ‘El Niño'[en]

[PH🇵🇭]Space Moses – ‘El Niño'[en]

『Up & coming new Philipino artist ‘Space Moses’ has Released his 2nd single ‘El Niño’. Following Spacey & Romantic 1st single ‘Homesick’, this is an unexpected Disco Rock tune. Following the 1st single, this work co-produced with ‘NEXX FRIDAY’ is the only song in which ‘Space Moses’ singing voice matched the fresh beat.
Comments from Space Moses such as self-introduction and hints for ‘El Niño’ are below. Check it.』

C: Philippines
T: El Niño
A: Space Moses
F: Single
L: Space Moses
R: 2020/05/15

Words from Space Moses

About Space Moses:
So I’m Space Moses 20 y.o a multi instrumentalist born and raised in Rizal, Philippines. I started my career playing in small open jams, until I met a few like-minded friends of mine (kiyo, alisson shore, because etc).

About “Homesick” & “El Niño”:
My first single ‘Homesick’ released about 3 months ago, is about having someone whom your heart belongs to and its a pain not being by their side.
My latest single ‘El Niño’ is about the tension between pleasures and it’s consequences known or unknown. I included some hints in the visualizer as to what inspired that song.

Message to fans:
Bit of a cliche to stress it even further but I wouldn’t be really where I am without you. So yeah I’ll do my part and make more music. Hang tight because Dyecast will be taking over.

Space Moses
IG: @spacemoses_
TW: @space_moses
Genius: Space-moses

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