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[US🇺🇸/JP🇯🇵]Sami Elu and Kenji Azuma – ‘Line and Surface'(EP)

[US🇺🇸/JP🇯🇵]Sami Elu and Kenji Azuma – ‘Line and Surface'(EP)

Introducing the Session EP of “Tokyo Ambient Collective,” which was introduced the other day, by two phantom piano players, “Sami Elu” and Percussionist “Kenji Azuma.”
This EP contains a Studio Session for about 100 minutes in total. It is a wonderful Sound Scape in which the clear tones created by the two players gently heat up over time.
A video showing the state of the Studio Session is also available, so please enjoy it according to your preference.

Sami Elu
IG: @sami.elu
TW: @Sami_Elu

Kenji Azuma
IG: @kenji_gravytrain
TW: @azuma_kenji

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