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[US🇺🇸/JP🇯🇵]Sami Elu and Kenji Azuma – ‘Line and Surface'(EP)[en]

[US🇺🇸/JP🇯🇵]Sami Elu and Kenji Azuma – ‘Line and Surface'(EP)[en]

Introducing the Session EP of “Tokyo Ambient Collective,” which was introduced the other day, by two phantom piano players, “Sami Elu” and Percussionist “Kenji Azuma.”
This EP contains a Studio Session for about 100 minutes in total. It is a wonderful Sound Scape in which the clear tones created by the two players gently heat up over time.
A video showing the state of the Studio Session is also available, so please enjoy it according to your preference.

Sami Elu
IG: @sami.elu
TW: @Sami_Elu

Kenji Azuma
IG: @kenji_gravytrain
TW: @azuma_kenji

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