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[ID🇮🇩]Rainych – ‘SAY SO'(Doja Cat cover/Japanese Ver)[en]

[ID🇮🇩]Rainych – ‘SAY SO'(Doja Cat cover/Japanese Ver)[en]

『Real Anime Girl』/
●: ★★★★☆/
▶️: Streaming, MV, Doji Cat Reaction, ‘Plastic Love'(Takeuchi Mariya cover w/ Rap) etc/
👅: Pop, Sweet, Moody, Dreamy, Chill, City Pop, Anime, Emotional Skillful, Powerful

C: Indonesia
N: Rainych
T: SAY SO(Doja Cat cover/Japanese Ver)
P: Rainych & Vanfan
F: Single
L: Rainych
R: 2020/03/24(MV), 2020/03/31(Streaming)


Here is Doja Cat’s reaction
Literally with Doja’s eyes round, she is intoxicated by Rainych’s beautiful singing voice.
And say “She’s Fuckin’ Good”.


This’s a cover of Mariya Takeuchi’s ‘Plastic Love’ w/ her Rap verse. Besides, she have released more cover songs of J-Pop & Japanese Anime songs.

The latest song is a cover of ‘cinnamons×evening cinema’ ‘s song

TW: @RainychRan
IG: @rainych_ran
YT: Rainych
SC: Rainych
FB: RainychR
NN: Rainych Ran
PR: rainych
KF: rainych

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