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[TW🇹🇼]I Mean Us – ’24 Years Old of You'[en]

[TW🇹🇼]I Mean Us – ’24 Years Old of You'[en]

『Taiwanese five-piece Indie Shoegaze Dream Pop Band ‘I Mean Us’ has Released a New Song ’24 Years Old of You’ after a long time. It is the birth of a Masterpiece, with Dynamic Sound and the miracle voice of ‘Man dark’.』/

🌟: ★★★★★/
▶️: Streaming, MV/
👅: Dreamy, Mellow, Romantic, Pop, Rock

C: Taiwan
T: 24 Years Old of You
A: I Mean Us
P: 韓立康
F: Single
L: I Mean Us
R: 2020/05/29

I Mean Us
IG: @imeanus
TW: @imeanusband
SC: imeanusband
YT: I Mean Us
GS: I-mean-us
FB: IMeanUsBand

Chun Zhang(章 羣)(Gt/Vo)
IG: @zebrateens
TW: @zebrateens

Mandark(夏 日)(syn/Vl/Vo)
IG: @mandark.jpg
SC: mandark-ravel

Vitz Young(永 純)(Gt)
IG: @vitz08

Hank Chen(漢 克) (Ba)
IG: @hankchen0412

Pei-Peng Lu(佩 蓬)(Dr)
IG: @pplisalive

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