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[US🇺🇸]Destiny Rogers – ‘Kickin’ Pushin'[en]

[US🇺🇸]Destiny Rogers – ‘Kickin’ Pushin'[en]

BEST 2020 song comin’. “Destiny Rogers”, who appeared in Scene together with Skatebord, has created a new Anthem with his buddy ‘Stereotypes’.
Stereotypes Track with a great contrast between sad Guitar and majestic and earthy Beat, and Destiny Rogers’s powerful and hopeful singing voice that creates the highest uplifting tune, the best song to cry.
The song has value like Beabadoobee’s “She Play The Bass”. This year’s representative feeling of Anthem. Let’s check this.

Destiny Rogers
IG: @destinyrogers
TW: @destinyrogers
SC: imdestinyrogers-1
YT: DestinyRogersVEVO
GS: Destiny-rogers
HP: www.destinyrogers.com

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