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[DE🇩🇪/ZA🇿🇦]Alice Phoebe Lou – ‘Live at Funkhaus'(Live Album)[en]

[DE🇩🇪/ZA🇿🇦]Alice Phoebe Lou – ‘Live at Funkhaus'(Live Album)[en]

Singer “Alice Phoebe Lou”, also known as strongboi, has released Live Album.
Like 70’s and 80’s music works, it’s a luxurious Live Album filled with the splendor of live music. Surprisingly good to say the least.
Good for an elegant afternoon.

Also, Short Documentaly was released along with the release of Live Album, so please check it out together.

Alice Phoebe Lou
IG: @alicephoebelou
GS: Alice-phoebe-lou
HP: https://www.alicephoebelou.com/

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