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[DE🇩🇪/ZA🇿🇦]strongboi – ‘honey thighs'[en]

[DE🇩🇪/ZA🇿🇦]strongboi – ‘honey thighs'[en]

『Retro Future Flavored Fresh Debut song ‘strongboi’ that surprised the world, Their next song is the Orthodox Good Pop Tune reminiscent of Bossa Nova and French Pops.』/

🌟: ★★★★☆/
▶️: Streaming, MV/
👅: Mellow, Sweet

C: Germany, Republic of South Africa
N: strongboi
T: honey thighs
P: Ziv Yamin & Alice Phoebe Lou
F: Single
L: strongboi
R: 2020/04/10(Streaming), 2020/05/29(MV)

IG: @_strongboi_
YT: strongboi
GS: Strongboi

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