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[US🇺🇸]Orion Sun – ‘Hold Space For Me'(Album)[en]

[US🇺🇸]Orion Sun – ‘Hold Space For Me'(Album)[en]

『Philadelphia based female Singer/Producer ‘Orion Sun’ ‘s long-awaited 2nd album ‘Hold Space For Me’ was finally released. A superb musical experience that’s Orion Sun’s delicate vocal matched Classy and Smooth dreamy tracks. It’s a romantic work that is perfect for escape from mad real. Best candidate of the year. Her 1st Album ‘A Collection Moments and Daydreams’ is also the best, so please check it too.』

T: Hold Space For Me
A: Orion Sun
P: Orion Sun
F: Album
L: Mom+Pop
R: 2020/03/27

Orion Sun
IG: @cloudgem
YT: Orion Sun
SC: orionsun
BC: orionsun
GS: Orion-sun
TR: osbeats.tumblr.com
HP: www.orionsun.space

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